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“World Championship Review” – 2000 F1 DVD review 1st January 2005, 21:11

The first two official season review DVDs were produced by Sony, and hence come labelled “compatibile with Playstation 2″.

“Who Else But Schumacher?” – 1994 F1 season video review

The title of this video is not in the best of taste, given the death of Ayrton Senna in the third round of the season. Nor does it do much credit to Damon Hill, who finished the championship within a point of Michael Schumacher. Sadly this pivotal year in F1 history (given the deaths of […]

“What a Class Act” – 2001 F1 season video review

The 2001 review video is exceptionally bad, especially given that the 2001 DVD review is pretty good, and they both have the same material to work from.

“Two Till The End” – 1984 F1 season review video

Although McLaren were dominant, 1984 was a close season – the closest ever, in fact, with Niki Lauda sneaking the title from team-mate Alain Prost by just half a point.

“The Official Review” – 2001 F1 season DVD review

The 2001 season review DVD, again produced by Sony, is something of an oddity. It is not available as a commercial retail DVD, but was given away with early copies of the Formula One 2001 Playstation 2 game.

“The Official End of Season Review” – 1983 F1 season review video

The quality of the footage on the 1983 review is not very good, and the commentary is simply appalling.

“The Official End of Season Review” – 1982 F1 season review video

The 1982 season was probably the most important of the eighties – but for all the wrong reasons.

“The champion on the track” – 1999 F1 season review video

This was the championship it seemed no-one wanted to win.

“Start to Finish” – 1981 F1 season review video

This is as early as the official FOCA reviews stretch back, and it shows.

“Senna fights back” – 1993 F1 season review video

Despite the title, this video does not focus as narrowly on Ayrton Senna as the 1992 tape does on Nigel Mansell.

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