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Editorial: Singin’ in the Rain 13th March 2005, 20:04

It’s everywhere at the moment, that Volkswagen advert. I do rather like the funked-up Mint Royale mix of Singing in the Rain but I must confess the motion-captured impression of Gene Kelly is downright scary and I have to hide behind the sofa when it’s on. But when the public is used to the same […]

The Nearly Men

The Grand Prix greats are household names – even in car-hating, vegetable-munching, solar-powered homes. Ayrton Senna, Juan Manuel Fangio and Jim Clark are legendary names throughout the world, and all three appear in our list of all-time greatest wins. But what about those drivers who never got to show their talent, had a career stuck […]

The Greatest Almost-Win: Clark

Jim Clark’s performance in the 1967 Italian Grand Prix is disqualified from our list on one crucial point – he didn’t win the race. But he came so close, and his drive was so spectacular, that it deserves passing a brief tribute. Clark had taken the pole but was edged out by Dan Gurney’s Eagle-Westlake […]

The Greatest Wins: Senna

The greatest win? Perhaps, but certainly the 1993 European Grand Prix at Donington Park gave us the greatest single lap in F1 history. Formula One cars reached a technological pinnacle in 1993, and many of the driver aids seen that year have since been banned – active suspension, ABS brakes and more. Williams’ FW15 was […]

The Greatest Wins: Villeneuve

Gilles Villeneuve was an extraordinary driver, one perhaps without parallel in any era of Formula One. He was outrageously demanding of his car’s capabilities to the point that he often drove them to destruction. And although his racecraft was sublime and his capacity for seemingly impossible overtaking manoeuvres was limitless, he was also scrupulously fair. […]

The Greatest Wins: Gethin

Peter Gethin’s 1971 victory in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza used to be a benchmark of speed and time – the fastest ever Grand Prix at 242.51 kph (150.75 mph), the closest ever finish with just 0.01s* between first and second, and a staggering 0.61s covering the first five cars. The modern era has […]

The Greatest Wins: Fangio

1950s-era Formula One was very different compared to how it is in 2005. Argentine Juan-Manuel Fangio (aged 46, ten years older than Michael Schumacher is today) arrived at the sixth round of the 1957 season having already won three races that year. With each driver only counting their best five results towards the championship, and […]

Malaysian Grand Prix 2005 Preview

The Australian Grand Prix gave us a tantalising glimpse of what we might expect from the 2005 season. But with qualifying times made unrepresentative by the weather and many drivers still struggling to make their tyres last a race distance, there’s still a lot we don’t know. Did Rubens Barrichello take second on merit and […]

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