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Editorial: So what’s it gonna be this time? 22nd March 2005, 18:58

Ferrari are in trouble – there is no doubt about it. They never looked like running with the leaders all weekend long, and by the end of second qualifying Michael Schumacher was four seconds behind, languishing in 13th. After 56 laps he was 1m 20s behind Alonso, and had been lapped at one stage. A […]


Autosport online have launched their new site incorporating the former Atlas F1 pages as a massive web for F1 fans. We take an exclusive look at what they after to offer, and weigh up whether it’s worth parting with your hard-earned cash for… Autosport began offering a basic subscription service last year, which gave access […]

Villeneuve: Should he stay or should he go?

Few drivers split opinion in the way Jacques Villeneuve does. Some see him as a mercurial genius who livens up the Grand Prix paddock with his bravery and outspoken antics. Others feels he is a waster who talks better than he races. When he left BAR towards the end of 2003, most people agreed that […]

Grand Prix World Championship (GPWC)

Depending on who you ask, the Grand Prix World Championship is either ‘the promised land’ for F1, or an idle threat made by a small group of manufacturers who want more money out of the sport. The ‘GPWC’ acronym has been echoing around the paddock for a few years but perhaps never more than in […]

A1 Grand Prix

Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum believes he has spotted a gap in the motorsport market, and he may well be right. His A1GP series, due to launch this September, will be of great interest to F1 fans. Maktoum’s vision is of a ‘World Cup of Motorsport’ which will compete during the F1 off-season, principally […]

‘Group of nine’ write to Ferrari

Ferrari are under pressure on and off the track. On track the F2004-M has not proved up to the job of supporting Schumache’s bid for an eighth title, and off track the manufacturers are blasting Ferrari for refusing to sign up to the testing ban agrred by the other nine teams in Brazil. Of those […]

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