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Autosport online have launched their new site incorporating the former Atlas F1 pages as a massive web for F1 fans. We take an exclusive look at what they after to offer, and weigh up whether it’s worth parting with your hard-earned cash for…

Autosport began offering a basic subscription service last year, which gave access to, among other items, a back collection of acclaimed F1 journalist Nigel Roebuck’s columns and write-ups of famous races. The Haymarket publishing-owned magazine have now merged their site with the Atlas F1 network, which includes the popular Forix statistics service.

The outcome is a massive wealth of material for fans of Formula One and other motorsport – but at a price. Subscription costs ??????4.99 (GBP ???3.45) per month or ??????42 (GBP ???29.08) per year. Alternatively, you get free access wth a subscription to AUtosport magazine, GBP ???31 for 13 issues in Great Britain.

For thirty quid a year you get immediate access to Autosport’s F1 news feed, one of the best on the web. You also get each weekly installment of Atlas F1 with race reviews, historical pieces and opinion columns. Perhaps best of all, you get complete access to Forix which is F1 anorak heaven. The interface may be clunky but it is bubbling over with facts on figures on F1. Perfect for settling those squabbles you have with your mates over what year Perry McCarthy tried to get an Andrea Moda on the grid. I’ll say it now – Forix alone is worth the subscription fee.

The new site also boasts Internet tools for the mobile generation – handheld, SMS and even WAP (does anyone still use this?) versions are supported, in addition to the usual e-mail newsletters and the like.

On top of all ths you get news coverage for all major motorsports – ChampCar, DTM, World Rally, BTCC and the rest. Having such a wide breadth of coverage within the reach of a single site is incredibly useful for the motorsport junkie and the whole scheme is far easier on the eye than is.

Although the Atlas archive had not yet been added there is still a huge amount of information here to absorb. The only serious reservation is that it still feels like two separate sites stuck together, and navigation is confusing at times. That aside if you’re willing to pay for your coverage it’s difficult to find a more comprehensive resource than Autosport Atlas.

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