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Editorial: Come get some 27th March 2005, 19:21

Premiership footballers are latest thing corrupting the nation’s youth. Apparently the sight of angry, impassioned sportsmen raging at referees over decisions that have gone against them is warping the fragile little minds of Britain’s junk food-stuffed sprogs. Some teachers and parents are even going so far as to suggest that football be screened after the […]

Doin’ it for fun

Once upon a time not so long ago, Formula One drivers could be seen in action nearly every weekend; in non-Championship Grands Prix, Group C Sportscars, Touring Cars or even just thrashing a Saloon Car for a bit of fun. But why no more? Even in the mid-90s Giancarlo Fisichella intermittently alternated between the International […]

Bookshelf Essentials: Formula One Fanatic

The majority of books on Formula One are biographies of driver and histories of famous teams. Koen Vergeer’s Formula One Fanatic is something quite different, and an essential book for fellow F1 fans. Koen Vergeer’s Formula One Fanatic is a rare piece in the world of F1 literature – it’s not yet another cash-in biography […]

Bookshelf Essentials: F1 – The Autobiography

There are no shortage of coffee-table F1 books, resplendent with exquisitive photography and teeming with statistics. But Formula 1: The Autobiography, though huge, offers something more: The history of F1 in the words of the drivers themselves. Walk into any second-hand bookshop and in the motorsport section you’ll probably find a few dozen different ‘encyclopedias’ […]

Bookshel Essentials: Villeneuve

Gerald Donaldson’s memorable biography of Gilles Villeneuve is tipped to become a film to hit cinema screens in 2007. It is a classic book on one of the sport’s most beloved drivers, that every F1 fan should read. There have been many Formula One drivers who have impressed, astounded even, and tragically died, leaving behind […]

Bookshelf Essentials: The Life of Ayrton Senna

Yes, it’s just what Formula One literature needs – yet another biography of Ayrton Senna. But Tom Rubython’s biography can make a worthy claim to being the definitive work on one of F1’s greatest figures. The Life of Ayrton Senna is a substantial 600-plus page work, meticulously researched and thoroughly detailed. Rubython is the author […]

Bahrain Grand Prix 2005 Preview

After a dismal (by their standards) start to 2005, Ferrari have pressed their new car into action two weeks ahead of schedule. Can they close the gap to Renault, or will the technical Bahrain circuit reveal that their true weakness is their Bridgestone tyres? The 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix won the FIA’s award for best […]

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