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Wheldon to F1? 31st May 2005, 18:00

Dan Wheldon’s victory in the Indy 500, his fourth win in the first five roudns of the 2005 Indy Racing League, has led to inevitable speculation that he will switch to F1. He has denied that he would be willing to make the switch with anything other than a front running team. The Briton has […]

European Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 30th May 2005, 15:38

We had a thrilling chase to the finish and ITV let us watch it all this time. Raikkonen’s heart breaking last-lap failure made big news in the British papers – or was it just because the football season’s finally over? ITV commentators James Allen and Martin Brundle did not see eye-to-eye on McLaren’s decision to […]

The Eurovision Grand Prix 29th May 2005, 20:41

On an already jam-packed calendar, why does Germany get two races? The case for the European Grand Prix to be held at a different venue each year is a sensible one. It’s time someone took notice of it. In the midst of last-week’s white hot build-up to the Eurovision song contest (I voted for Norway) […]

Missing the points

Changing the number of points that are given for finishing positions in Grands Prix could revolutionise how drivers approach races and fundamentally alter the meaning of the Driver’s Championship. It is something the governing body should very seriously consider. The Formula One rules have been in a state of flux since 2002. Not a year, […]

Editorial: No joy at Jordan

Having slumped almost to the very back of the grid, Jordan are now not far short of being beaten by usual backmarkers Minardi. In theory, 2006 should bring a relaunch of the team as Midland F1 – but the current sorry state of affairs is not breeding much optimism. The European Grand Prix was a […]

A1 Grand Prix Calendar Revealed

The A1GP series, which is due to start this September, announced the provisional calendar for their 2005 winter championship this week. It promises to be the most internationally diverse motor sport series, even more so than Formula One. In all, twelve events are planned for the inaugural championship year, and the list of destinations makes […]

European Grand Prix 2005 Review

Fernando Alonso kept Kimi Raikkonen under pressure throughout the European Grand Prix and capitalised at the last possible moment, when Raikkonen’s suspension shattered and pitched the Finn into the barriers. Alonso now has a 32-point advantage in the title race. From the outset the European Grand Prix looked like it was going to be McLaren-Mercedes […]

Liuzzi out, Klien back in 23rd May 2005, 18:00

Red Bull have confirmed that Vitantonio Liuzzi will be replaced by Christian Klien after the European Grand Prix. This is the first time that a team have deliberately shared a single seat between two drivers since Ligier made a similar arrangement with Aguri Suzuki and Martin Brundle in 1995. Brundle started eleven races to Suzuki’s […]

Monaco Grand Prix 2005 Media Review

So what was the big story after Monaco? The near-collapse of Renault? That stunning pass by Nick Heidfeld? Juan Pablo Montoya’s remarkable drive from 16th to 4th? Or just Kimi Raikkonen’s maiden win in the glamorous principality? If you answered, “none of the above,” then congratulations, because you kept in mind the British press’s negative […]

The FIA Survey: How to fix Formula One 22nd May 2005, 20:35

The FIA have launched a survey to canvas Formula One fans on their opinions of how the sport should develop in the future. F1 Fanatic sets out what changes need to be made to ensure F1 gets stronger and stronger over the coming years. As much as they suffer criticism for their handling of the […]

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