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The Master and the Doctor 8th May 2005, 20:19

Six years into the new millennium and so far the top levels of four- and two-wheeled motorsport, Formula One and Moto GP, have been dominated by two men: Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi. Both have been practically unbeatable, but comparing them reveals intriguing differences. The first, obvious, similarity is their astounding successes and shared desire […]

The Battle at the Back

The cameras follow the fight at the front: there’s nothing wrong with that. But at the other end of the grid Minardi and Jordan are battling each other with equal ferocity, and a fascinating duel is beginning to develop between the two minnows of Formula One. Jordan and Minardi are, in relative terms, the poor […]

Editorial: Bad Losers

Ferrari boss Jean Todt told Autosport this week, ?????ǣOur rivals are just bad losers.?????? McLaren head Ron Dennis admitted as much after Imola: ?????ǣI was in pain for days afterwards,?????? he said. But you can be worse things than just a bad loser?????? Nick Fry and the BAR team must have seen the writing on […]

Spanish Grand Prix 2005 Review

Kimi Raikkonen delivered a performance worthy of his predecessor and compatriot Mika Hakkinen as he left the field standing in Spain. Michael Schumacher failed to score again and lost further vital ground on Fernando Alonso in the championship. The talk of the paddock after Imola – BAR’s fuel tanks and ITV’s adverts aside – was […]