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Montezemolo blames Bridgestone, rules 9th May 2005, 18:00

Ferrari chief Luca Montezemolo has hit out at tyre supplier Bridgestone after Michael Schumacher’s double tyre failure at Barcelona. “We have a very competitive car, but we have a big problem with the tyres,” he told the press. A statement in response to his remarks read, “Bridgestone understands his frustrations and we are working closer […]

Spanish Grand Prix 2005 Media Review

Kimi Raikkonen’s won a race, and so the F1 journalists roll out the inevitable ‘Iceman’ puns. Meanwhile, ITV apologised for their almighty cock-up during the San Marino Grand Prix. Before we get stuck into the papers, a word on ITV. Justly chastised for cutting huge swathes of the Fernando Alonso-Michael Schumcher battle in favour of […]

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