BAR 6kg heavier in Nurburgring

BAR have revealed that they will not make any modifications to the fuel tank at the cetnre of the San Marino Grand Prix controversy when they return and their present two-race ban, but they will run with 6kg more ballast to ensure that they cannot possibly run underweight. They expect it to cost them around 0.2s per lap.

Curiously, this debases Jean Todt’s hypothesis that Michael Schumacher could have won the San Marino Grand Prix had he not been stuck behind Button’s BAR had it been running at its ‘true’ pace. A 0.2s penalty would not have held Button back enough to allow Schumacher to pass him in the first round of fuel stops, and, assuming Schumacher could not have passed Button on the track, the slower BAR would actually have delayed Schumacher more.

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