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The FIA Survey: How to fix Formula One 22nd May 2005, 20:35

The FIA have launched a survey to canvas Formula One fans on their opinions of how the sport should develop in the future. F1 Fanatic sets out what changes need to be made to ensure F1 gets stronger and stronger over the coming years. As much as they suffer criticism for their handling of the […]

More bang for your buck

Open this week’s Autosport, Motorsport News or Autocar at any page and you will see someone connected to Formula One talking about improving the show. Now we know that it isn’t going to happen, but there is a simple way to improve the ‘show’ at Grands Prix. The simple answer is to put on better […]

Editorial: Bashing the bishop

A reputable bank, keen to promote their close alliance with a leading Formula One team, have rolled out a series of adverts to communicate to Formula One fans that they understand the complexities, the pressures and the demands of the sport. At least, that is what they tried to do. Because when you show an […]

European Grand Prix 2005 Preview

So what was the big story after Monaco? The near-collapse of Renault? That stunning pass by Nick Heidfeld? Juan Pablo Montoya’s remarkable drive from 16th to 4th? Or just Kimi Raikkonen’s maiden win in the glamorous principality? If you answered, “none of the above,” then congratulations, because you kept in mind the British press’s negative […]

Monaco Grand Prix 2005 Review

Kimi Raikkonen continued his assault on Fernando Alonso’s championship lead by winning the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. He led from start to finish and was never headed when he missed the opportunity to take a pit stop during a safety car period. Fernando Alonso may well have run his Renault a little lighter than usual […]

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