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Talking Money 12th June 2005, 21:21

This week’s racing press has seen perhaps the biggest split since Ayrton Senna died, between those who ‘get’ racing and those who do not. I cannot believe those who comment that Kimi Raikkonen should have jeopardised a potential Grand Prix win by changing his damaged tyre. Newsflash: Raikkonen is a racing driver and he is […]

Editorial: Unintended Consequences

A chance Google mix-up earlier this week got me musing on the problem of unintended consequences. Plan for one thing, get the other. Luckily for us, unintended consequences have played a major part in making the 2005 season rather good so far. Take Ferrari’s sudden and shocking decline in form relative to the opposition. The […]

United States Grand Prix 2005 Preview

2005 sees the sixth running of the United States Grand Prix on the Indianapolis ‘infield’ circuit and, for the first time in this period, the field of drivers will include an American. But will F1’s brave new rules win over the notoriously indifferent American audience? F1 has had a rough time in America. Although for […]

Raikkonen takes vital win as Renault falter

The Canadian Grand Prix proved dramatic and incident-filled from start to finish, if lacking in much outright racing. But, with Kimi Raikkonen winning and Fernando Alonso failing to score, it gave a welcome shot in the arm for the championship battle. Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher provided the Saturday shock by stealing the front row […]

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