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Schumacher wins, F1 loses in six-car sham 19th June 2005, 19:09

The political strife that has dogged the 2005 season behind the scenes finally boiled over onto the track, leaving the US Grand Prix an unedifying farce that may have caused terminal damage to F1’s reputation in the USA.

Unforced Errors

So, if you were in Jenson Button’s position last Sunday you wouldn’t have crashed into the wall? Likewise I bet that if it had been you in the cockpit of the number 10 McLaren you would have ignored the team, pitted and won the race? Of all sports, motor sport is perhaps the easiest of […]


Stalinist Russia had nothing on propaganda, F1-style. F1Fanatic takes an ever-so-slightly cynical look at what those team press releases really mean… You know the score, halfway through a deathly dull one shot qualifying session, Louise Goodman grabs David Coulthard or Felipe Massa to talk through their heroic drive to 12th on the grid. They will […]

Editorial: A Rules Revolution

The FIA have put forward a radical proposal for the Formula One rules package from 2008 onwards. But in the light of the shambolic preparations for the United States Grand Prix, is there any cause for optimism that they might get it right? Let’s turn our minds back to the recent FIA survey of what […]

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