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French Grand Prix 2005 Preview 26th June 2005, 19:14

Put to one side the speculation over the future of F1 and the threats that, if the FIA hit Michelin with an excessive punishment, we could find ourselves watching another six-car race. If normal service is resumed in France, there is a mighty championship battle to be fought. If Silverstone, host of the first ever […]

Something Completely Different

Now, as anyone will tell you, last week’s US GP was a disaster, and a stultifyingly tedious one at that. OK,some die-hard Ferrari fans loved it, but that’s all. But was there really a better way for us to spend a Sunday evening? We came up with a few alternatives: Watch another channel? – Among […]

How to know when to go

The toughest decision a sportsperson faces in their career is when to retire. This is especially true in F1, where drivers, team owners and even the sport’s administrators past and present have outstayed their welcome, to the detriment of their legacy. Of course back in the ‘golden age’ of racing this was not a problem […]

2005 half-term Report: Drivers #5-1

5. David Coulthard, Red Bull, 17 pts (9) Yes, he should have got out of McLaren much sooner than he did. But now he has, and found a comfortable berth at Red Bull where he is free to stick two fingers up at his detractors and produce quality drives that give this flamboyant team a […]

Editorial: How can you expect to be taken seriously?

If the punishment for the seven teams who boycotted the United States Grand Prix is deemed unreasonable, F1 could be on the road to an unavoidable split. The FIA will trial the Michelin teams on Wednesday June 29th, and the outcome will be pivotal for the future of Formula One. Already Paul Stoddart, a strong […]

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