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A1GP adds Brazil round 31st August 2005, 18:00

Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum al Maktoum added another string to the bow of his inaugural A1GP series by announcing an expansion of the 2005-06 calendar to include a round at Curitiba, Brazil. The series is set to be the second most international single seater racing series after Formula One in terms of countries visited. Round […]

Finishing School 29th August 2005, 19:34

Back in 2004 European Grand Prix weekends were bleak affairs. The main event itself was frequently a Ferrari benefit with little else of note happening further down the field. And on Saturday afternoons the F3000 Championship was in the process of dying a slow death. The last year of F3000 was characterised by grids numbering […]

Editorial: Gimme five

Ah, the championship showdown. Forget your Ashes tests and your penalty shoot-outs – this is the supreme sporting spectacle. Two of the world’s finest drivers in two of the fastest cars, one hunting down the other for a place in the pantheon of motor racing greats. And what magnificent venues this battle will be fought […]

Italian Grand Prix 2005 Preview 28th August 2005, 10:15

At Monza the sense of history oozes from the very tarmac. The Italian Grand Prix has been a late-season fixture since the very first Formula One World Championship and is synonymous with the thousands of Ferrari-adoring tifosi who mob the circuit every year. Last year these late races were of little importance to the championship […]

Turkish Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 22nd August 2005, 23:14

With sports editors whipping themselves into an orgasmic frenzy over the new football season, F1 coverage has become harder to find among the soccer detritus. Even a stonking race at a classy new venue cannot help it. This is not a phenomenon limited to the tabloids: Alan Henry’s piece in The Guardian languishes on page […]

de la Rosa charges Renault

McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa charged championship rivals Renault with using illegal team orders on lap two of the Turkish Grand Prix. Pat Symonds’ order to Fernando Alonso to pass Giancarlo Fisichella was heard on the FOCA TV coverage. But the order to Fisichella was missed.Team orders were supposedly banned after Ferrari’s fixing […]

Alonso takes edge off Raikkonen’s Turkey win 21st August 2005, 23:11

Kimi Raikkonen’s fifth Grand Prix win of 2005 was as emphatic as he could have hoped for. But he only drew two points closer to Fernando Alonso in the championship battle, after a late altercation between Juan Pablo Montoya and Tiago Monteiro.

Summer holiday

Have you, like me, spent the past two weekends in the pits of despair and misery with no F1 or Moto GP action? If so you will doubtless be ruing the development of the F1 summer break for ruining that excuse to get out of a walk or picnic or some other wholesome activity. But […]

Schuey’s new second

To many, Ferrari is Formula One – especially, it seems, to Max Mosley. To be a Ferrari driver is an honour bestowed to the greatest of talents and one not given lightly. So why on earth is Felipe Massa going to be piloting one of the beloved red cars next season? I’d make a case […]

Editorial: Vote Formula One!

The inaugural Turkish Grand Prix has rightly been hailed a success. After the inevitable last-minute organisational panic the facility was, more or less, ready, and certainly in a better shape than Bahrain was for its first race last year. Turkey is typical of a recent trend for emerging, progressive countries to advertise their success and […]

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