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Tail-end nightmares 4th September 2005, 19:38

For the past few years the F1 grid has stabilised at 10 team franchises providing 20 cars on the grid. Of these 10, it is arguable that 8 are, on their day, capable of scoring a podium finish. But does this represent quality over quantity or the death of the entreprenuerial spirit in F1? Short […]

Editorial: the Michelin witch-hunt

Michelin boss Pierre Dupasquier has been on the offensive against the FIA this week, condemning President Max Mosley’s insistence that Formula One become a single-tyre series in the future. Mosley has been at great pains to use his much-vaunted survey of Formula One fans conducted earlier this year justification for the necessity of a single-tyre […]

Italian Grand Prix 2005 Review

As a motor racing fan looking for entertainment the Italian Grand Prix was a horror show of the problematic 2005 regulations. In the end Juan Pablo Montoya won, having never really been pushed, but he bravely drove the final laps with a failing left-rear tyre at speeds of over 350 kph. Championship hopeful Kimi Raikkonen’s […]

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