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Has FIA-AMD alliance scuppered McLaren & Toyota Intel deals? 19th September 2005, 18:58

Andrew Murray-Watson in the Sunday Telegraph wrote yesterday that McLaren’s remoured USD$50m deal with Intel has been thrown into jeapordy by the FIA’s recently announced ‘strategic partnership’ with Intel rival AMD (article). A similar, smaller deal between Toyota and Intel may also now be off the table. McLaren and Toyota, as non-tobacco teams, may already […]

BAR in Button buy-out

BAR have bought Jenson Button out of his 2006 Williams contract for an undisclosed sum and signed him to a mutli-year contract worth ???10m according to Autosport (subscription required). The news has immediate and dramatic ramifications for the 2006 driver market: BAR have one of the strongest line-ups for 2006 with Jenson Button and Rubens […]

British Motorsport shocked by death of Park

The British motorsport community has been shocked by the death of World Rally Championship co-driver Michael Park, partner to Estonian Peugeot driver Markko Martin. Park was killed on the third day of the British round of the WRC. Park’s death is the first fatality for a WRC competitor since 1993. Formula One’s last driver death […]

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