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Editorial: That’s not all, folks 30th October 2005, 20:51

This editorial wraps up the weekly editions of F1Fanatic.co.uk for 2005, but’s there’s plenty more to come between now and the new season. It’s strange to think that eight months have passed since I sat down to write the first F1Fanatic.co.uk editorial in March – 31 more have passed since then on almost every week. […]

Beat the off-season blues

Five months without Formula One? What on earth can you do with all those Sunday afternoons? Fear not – we’ve put our heads together and devised a range of activities for petrolheads to keep the nagging withdrawal at bay?????? A1 Grand Prix A1 Grand Prix couldn’t be better for the F1 fan in winter: the […]

2005: Media Review

F1 enjoyed a much better season in 2005 than in 2004 – but didn’t necessarily receive the press attention it deserved. Ironically, the spotlight shone brightest on the sport when it covered itself in shame at Indianapolis. And ITV’s coverage continued to decline in quality. The United States Grand Prix farce was undoutbedly the meia […]

2005: Season Awards

Concluding our season review, F1Fanatic’s resident columnist Be Evans dishes out the awards to the very best of 2005 – indeed, even those who excelled in mediocrity. Driver of the Year Most years this is shoe-in for Mr M. Schumacher but 2005 has seen perhaps the greatest generational shift in driving talent for many years, […]

2005 Driver rankings #10-1

Continuing out ranking of the drivers of 2005, this week we present the definitive top ten. 10 (-1 on half-term ranking) Jenson Button, BAR-Honda, 37 points With zero points at the halfway point in the season, you’d have been forgiven for assuming that Button would be happy with his move to Williams for 2006. But […]

Editorial: Predictable? 24th October 2005, 20:29

2005 was the year when F1 stopped being predictable – Michael Schumacher didn’t win everything and a pair of stellar new talents dominated the season. Even some of the best motor sport commentators were caught out. Matt Bishop, writing in the F1 Racing monthly subscribers’ letter back in February, was as dismissive of the 2005 […]

2005: Statistical Review

Statistics are unfairly maligned. Yes, they can be distorted, manipulated and spun – but lay the figures out in full and clearer picture often emerges. We take a look at some of the stories of 2005 with a little help from F1Fanatic’s brand new statistics pages. Raikkonen vs Alonso Alonso tallied 135 points to Raikkonen’s […]

2005 Driver rankings #27-11

In the first of a two-part feature we reviews and rate the 25 drivers who participated in the 2005 World Drivers’ Championship. The top ten will be revealed in the final issue of 2005?????? 27 (-12 on half-term report ranking) Takuma Sato, BAR-Honda, 1 point Sato’s third full season of Formula One was a disaster: […]

Chinese Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 17th October 2005, 10:39

A constructors’ championship battle just isn’t as exciting as a drivers’ championship battle – so it was with the lacklustre Chinese race that got a lukewarm press response. Jim Rosenthal bade farewell to ITV after another year in which the broadcaster took a backward step. The most disappointing omission from almost all of the race […]

Editorial: Come full circle 16th October 2005, 20:19

Brazilian Grand Prix, 2004: The last race of 2004, and one of the better ones in a dismal season. Nine of the ten teams agree to limits on testing, and there is optimism that the sole dissenters, Ferrari, will follow. Perhaps F1’s political Cold War is finally thawing? Fast-forward back to the present day and […]

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