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ITV to give full live coverage in 2006? 13th February 2006, 13:14

Rumours concerning ITV’s Formula One coverage in 2006 are gathering apace. The broadcaster has already confirmed the departures of Jim Rosenthal and Tony Jardine, and Rosenthal’s replacement with former BBC Grandstand anchor (from the Grand Prix glory days) Steve Ryder. Now Pitpass are suggesting that they may finally give full, uninterrupted coverage of the races […]

Volkswagen don’t know the meaning of ‘fast’

There’s plenty to be said for and against the value of Formula One as a marketing tool. One major car manufacturer who continue to steer clear of the world’s greatest motor sport series is Volkswagen, who instead recently ran a strange marketing campaign ‘to discover what fast looks like’. This is what they came up […]

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