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F1Fanatic Vol 2 Issue 3 available 19th March 2006, 22:50

In this week’s issue of F1Fanatic: Malaysian Grand Prix review Editorial: Has the bubble burst?

Fisichella leads Renault one-two

The finely-poised qualifying session promised us a great race. But, after the high of Bahrain, the Malaysian Grand Prix failed to deliver anything in the way of thrills.

Has the bubble burst?

Bahrain thrilled us: Formula One came back on a high with drama in qualifying, a gripping battle for race victory, an astonishing rookie debut, and plenty of overtaking. But Malaysia was a tedious damp squib. So which one was the one-off? It’s easy for an F1 fan to let their head drop after a race […]

Ferrari wing protested

Eight teams have given the FIA notice of their intent to protest Ferrari running what the other teams believe is an illegal wing – but it is their front wing, not their rear wing, which is coming under fire. The teams believe the uppermost part of the Ferrari wing deflects too greatly at high speed […]

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