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F1Fanatic Issue 04 Vol 02 26th March 2006, 22:34

In this week’s issue of F1Fanatic: The reign of the Regie The Malaysian Grand Prix marked the first one-two finish for the modern Renault team. We take a look at how the first Renault team failed in their quest to life the championship trophies. [read more] Australian Grand Prix preview For the first time Albert […]

Australian Grand Prix Preview

Spaniard vs. Finn. German vs. Columbian. The Regie vs. the Scuderia. This is international sport Formula One-style and it will grace the Melbourne paddock a little later than usual this year because the city has been holding the Commonwealth Games. For those not up to speed on athletics, the Commonwealth Games is basically the Olympics, […]

F1 qualifying for DTM

Formula One’s new qualifying system has inspired a similar approach in the popular German Touring Car Championship (DTM). But the German series’ approach will not feature the unpopular fifteen minutes of fuel-burning seen in the F1 model: Session 1: 20 cars on track for 14 minutes. Top 14 proceed. Seven-minute break. Session 2: 14 cars […]

The Reign of the Regie

Renault’s first Formula One team entered the sport in 1977 at the British Grand Prix. They were the first team to exploit the regulation allowing 1.5-litre turbocharged engines as an alternative to 3.0-litre normally aspirated units – these turbo engines would, within a few years, become de rigeur for all front-running teams. Even though it […]

Trouble waiting in the wings

The political tensions that precipitated the dismal turn of events at Indianapolis last year may have gradually quietened since then, but recently FIA President Max Mosley has noticeably turned the heat up on the manufacturer-aligned (GPMA) teams who are not yet signed up to the 2007 Concorde Agreement – McLaren-Mercedes, Renault, Honda, Toyota and BMW.

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