2006 Stats Update – Spain

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Fernando Alonso, Renault, Barcelona, 2006Fernando Alonso has stormed the start of 2006 – finishing every race so far in either first or second place.

The F1Fanatic statistics update tells shows you how the drivers’ and constructors’ championship battles are progressing, who has suffered the most DNFs, how the drivers’ championship would look under old points systems, who are the top qualifiers and more.

World Drivers’ Championship

World Drivers Championship

World Drivers’ Championship – Battle for the title

WDC - title

World Drivers’ Championship – Different points systems

WDC - Points systems

World Constructors’ Championship

WCC - All

World Constructors’ Championship – Battle for the title

WCC - Title

Drivers – Points per race

Drivers - Pts/race

Total DNFs

DNFs - All

DNFs by driver

DNFs - drivers

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