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Schumacher sent to the back of the grid 27th May 2006, 21:22

The stewards of the Monaco Grand Prix have sent Michael Schumacher to the back of the grid after deciding he deliberately stopped during Q3 to hinder his rivals.

Schumi spin: The movie

Still no word from the Monaco Grand Prix stewards on that Monaco Grand Prix incident. Not made up your mind yet? Check out the video below. Want my opinion? I’m not convinced that the tight entry he was taking into the corner was his usual line. Nor that a driver of his skill did not […]

Schumacher’s suspicious spin

No question about what was the big talking point after Monaco Grand Prix qualifying. Michael Schumacher, already on provisional pole, speared into Rascasse and stopped short of the outside barriers, apparently unable to get around. Fernando Alonso, 0.3 quicker in the first two-thirds of the lap, had to back off and Schumacher kept the pole. […]

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