FIA fan survey II

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Christian Klien, Red Bull-Cosworth, Spa-Francorchamps, 2005The FIA have launched a second survey of fans’ opinions on Formula One. The first survey was conducted last year and polled over 96,000 fans.

It found that, among other things, the fans’ favourite circuits were Spa-Francorchamps (pictured) in Belgium and Suzuka in Japan. Spa was dropped from the 2006 calendar and Suzuka is set to be dropped next year.

In 42 questions (with many sub-options) the survey covers quality of racing, qualifying, the role of technology, quality of coverage and more. It directly asks whether the return of tyre changing this year has improved the quality of the racing and whether pit strategy in general improves the quality of racing, The 2005 survey ignored the refuelling issue entirely.

The survey is undeniably comprehensive – but you’d be forgiven for being cynical about whether the FIA will actually listen to it.

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