F1 vs NASCAR: One more thing…

I had a few thoughts on how Formula One and NASCAR stack up against each other a few days ago. One thing I overlooked was the popularity of accidents. One effect of the NASCAR regulations – possibly intentional, possibly not – is that the tightly bunched fields inevitably lead to more crashes. And there’s no … Continue reading F1 vs NASCAR: One more thing…

German Grand Prix 2006 Media Review

The British newspapers marked the continuation of Michael Schumacher’s title assault – and the resurgence of Jenson Button. Find out more in our media review. Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport

German Grand Prix 2006 Review

Schumacher storms to Hockenheim win It was a Bridgestone day. The Ferraris cruised to an easy win, never even needing to approach the stunning pace they hinted at in qualifying. The only reason they didn’t lock out the front row of the grid was that McLaren inexplicably gave Kimi Raikkonen only ten laps’ worth of … Continue reading German Grand Prix 2006 Review

Germany: Starts and Stops

How the top ten lined up at the Hockenheimring, how much fuel they were allocated after qualifying part three, and when they made their first stops. Position Driver Lap of first pit stop Fuel allocation (laps) 1 Kimi Raikkonen 10 10 2 Michael Schumacher 20 12 3 Felipe Massa 19 12 4 Jenson Button 15 … Continue reading Germany: Starts and Stops

GP2 in the limelight

During the French Grand Prix Formula One team owners and the governing body fired accusations back and forth about the future supply and regulation of engines in Formula One. Renault even issued a press release during the race, which certainly provided more interest than what was going on on-track. This has become a talking point … Continue reading GP2 in the limelight

Why F1 needs PR

Bernie Ecclestone has admitted he’s considering appointing a public relations company to assist with the promotion of Formula One. This is something F1 has badly needed for years, thought die-hard fans may struggle to understand why. There are many challenges to projecting a positive image of a sport that is perceived to be environmentally unfriendly, … Continue reading Why F1 needs PR

2007 calendar takes shape

The 2006 calendar saw only two major changes – Bahrain promoted to the first round of the season ahead of Melbourne, and Spa dropped for one year. But Bernie Ecclestone looks to have a few more changes up his sleeve for 2007. Let’s take a look at them.

Superstars with super names

In American racing the names Andretti and Rahal command instant respect. So it’s no surprise that Marco Andretti and Graham Rahal – teenagers both – are being touted as the next two drivers that could make it all the way to F1. Have they got what it takes?