A Formula One farmer?

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CowYou don’t expect to find an interview with an ex-Formula One World Champion in the pages of the Society Guardian. But there it is, page nine, Jody Scheckter on the joys of biodynamic organic farming. Hmm. Sexy.

Scheckter only did one more season of F1 following his 1979 World Drivers’ Championship for Ferrari – their last until a certain Michael Schumacher came along. Since then he’s developed what sounds like an F1-esque, ultra-professional approach to cattle rearing. His abattoir cost ???2.5m and is intended to minimise stress in the animals, improving the flavour.

Of course, like every other ex-champion these days (Keke Rosberg, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet) he’s pushing his kid up the motor sport ladder. But Tomas Scheckter’s career took a detour away from F1 when he was dropped from the Jaguar test team under dubious circumstances, and he now races in the Indy Racing League.

The article makes for interesting reading if you’ve got a copy of today’s Guardian lying around – it doesn’t seem to be on the website yet.

The cow pictured is for illustrative purposes and not necessarily affiliated with Jody Scheckter.

Update: Jody Scheckter interview in the Society Guardian (external)

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