Indy ’05, cricket-style

United States Grand Prix, Indianapolis, 2005We all remember what happened when Michelin turned up at last year’s United States Grand Prix and discovered that their tyres couldn’t withstand the pummelling of the turn 13 banking.

Well, just to prove that Formula One doesn’t own a monopoly on sporting cock-ups, a major cricket game has been forfeited and cancelled amid similar acrimony and incredulity.

An England vs Pakistan match was cancelled today after Pakistan refused to play having been accused of ball-tampering. I won’t pretend for a second to understand the rules of cricket, but basically Pakistan were accused of cheating and refused to take any further part in the game, in effect forfeiting it to England.

When the teams, Michelin and FIA failed to reach a compromise at Indianapolis last year leaving a six-car ‘race’ at a major market for the sport, Formula One was justly criticised for failing its fans. Tonight, cricket stands guilty of the same.

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