Maxi Mosley inside the place

Max MosleyFaced with the formidable debating skills and forthright opinions of President Max Mosley, those who disagree with his deeply divisive views have turned to all manner of methods of attack.

But I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve heard it being done in a satirical Jamaican dub stylee:

Well the GPMA forgot to say please,
So me hit them hard with an engine freeze.
When they in scrutineering they not happy campers,
Me banned their flexi-wings and me banned their mass dampers

This is from Gareth Jones on Speed – for an unusual take on Mosley and many other F1 leading lights check out his Podcasts below. British readers may recognise Gareth from A1 Grand Prix coverage and the ITV series How 2, among others.

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1 comment on Maxi Mosley inside the place

  1. Kisii said on 4th April 2009, 20:53

    Gareth, Zog and Richard (as well as Violet) are the best thing in all motor related media! I’m a huge fan…

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