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F1 2006 Review: Drivers end-of-season rankings part 2 27th October 2006, 19:24

Continuing on from yesterday’s chart of the top drivers in 2006, we pick the top ten of the season. Read on to find out who we thought was the best driver of the season.

F1 in the blogs

There was always going to be some people who thought Michael Schumacher’s puncture in Brazil was, caused deliberately by Giancarlo Fisichella even though the two apparently only made contact for one eighth of a second. As mentioned here yesterday Ferrari are left without Schumacher’s main men. With Schumacher gone, bloggers say goodbye and thankyou. On […]

F1 in the news

If you host a Grand Prix and the hotels nearby pong a bit you should look worried – that, after all, is the reason why Suzuka has lost the Japanese Grand Prix to the Fuji Speedway. But if the locals merely hold up members of the racing teams at gunpoint, that’s nothing to be concerned […]

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