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F1 2006 Review: Stats 5th November 2006, 19:09

A detailed look at the statistical record of 2006 throws up some interesting facts: Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher would have been tied at the end of the year were the points system from 1990 being used. Kimi Raikkonen gained more places in the Bahrain Grand Prix than any drivers had since 1993. And Schumacher […]

Is this the ’07 McLaren livery?

Spanish newspapers Marca have printed a picture of what appears to be a 2006 McLaren running in the 2007 livery with Vodafone sponsorship. Test run or Photoshoppery? Take a look at the link below and decide for yourself… Related links Marca cover – Descubrimos el nuevo coche de Alonso (external) F1 Video Special: Advertising breakdown […]

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