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Imagining ‘Formula X’ 31st December 2007, 7:00

Has Formula one lost sight of its purpose to be the ultimate form of motor racing with cars at the absolute cutting edge of technology? The FIA’s recent plans to reduce teams’ use of wind tunnels is just the latest in a long line of steps taken to reduce the development of Formula 1 cars. […]

When did Ron Dennis say this? 30th December 2007, 7:00

Remembers this quote from McLaren’s Ron Dennis?: Did they have team uniform on? Then they were hardly spying, were they? I thought that if you are out of uniform then you are a spy but when you are in uniform you are ‘gathering intelligence!’ We are doing nothing that everybody else doesn’t do, except that […]

F1 blogs review: Goodbye 2007, hello 2008 29th December 2007, 7:00

There’s plenty of looks back at 2007 and predictions for 2008 in the F1 blogs this week. Plus some more thoughts on the 2007 F1 season DVD, Ralf Schumacher… and Jos Verstappen.

F1 news review: Mosley backs Raikkonen 28th December 2007, 7:00

Max Mosley gave a revealing interview to The Guardian this week in which he said he was glad to see Kimi Raikkonen win the world championship following the spy scandal between McLaren and Ferrari. Plus the sports writers look back on 2007, Ralf Schumacher dumps his manager and Alexander Wurz looks to a career in […]

Lapped legends: Piercarlo Ghinzani 27th December 2007, 7:00

It is one thing to spend a season or two in a bad car or under-performing team. But it’s quite another to pass an entire decade in this fashion, scoring only two points in 111 Grands Prix. This is the story of Piercarlo Ghinzani.

Which ‘blatantly illegal car’ won a championship? 26th December 2007, 7:00

I’ve long enjoyed Nigel Roebuck’s writings on Formula 1 and I’ll miss my weekly dose of the ‘Fifth Column’ and ‘Ask Nigel’ when he departs Autosport for Motor Sport next year. His final ‘Ask Nigels’ have been especially entertaining but this startling claim really caught my eye: Anyone in the paddock, for example, will tell […]

Did you get an F1 gift for Christmas? 25th December 2007, 7:00

Were you opening presents for Christmas (or anything else) this morning? Did you get any F1 goodies? Perhaps you received one of the gifts suggested in the F1 Fanatic Gift Guide? Brag about your F1 gifts below – I’ll add mine later if it turns out I’ve been a good boy this year…

The four drivers fighting for a 2009 F1 drive 24th December 2007, 7:00

These are the four drivers who have landed the most desirable seats in GP2, the top feeder category for Formula 1: Romain Grosjean, Luca Filippi, Karun Chandhok and Bruno Senna. For the past three years the GP2 champion has gone straight into F1: Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and, in 2008, Timo Glock. So who will […]

“Memories of The Bear” (Eoin Young, 2007) 23rd December 2007, 7:00

Formula 1 World Champions are a fascinating breed. For every Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna or Juan Manuel Fangio – giga-stars whose names are writ large across the motor racing firmament – there are the slightly more obscure, less well known holders of the title World Drivers’ Champion. Denny Hulme, 1967 world champion is one of […]

F1 blogs review: Ayrton Senna karting video 22nd December 2007, 7:00

In the F1 blogs this week some rare video footage of Ayrton Senna karting in 1982. Plus one writer’s thoughts on meeting Jenson Button, the perfect T-shirt for Lewis Hamilton and more worries over that divisive ten-year engine development freeze.

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