Tom Pryce memorial campaign

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Momentum is gathering behind a campaign for a memorial to Tom Pryce. The talented British Formula One was killed along with a marshal during the South African Grand Prix of 1977.

David Richards, former Benetton and BAR boss who will enter his own F1 team, Prodrive, in 2008, has backed the campaign for a memorial in Pryce’s home town of Ruthin, Wales:

“Tom was more than just an extraordinary Formula One racing talent, he was an unassuming down-to-earth person,” said Richards.

Pryce was a highly skilled driver who dominated the 1975 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch, a non-championship event, winning from pole position with fastest lap.

Sadly many often recall the terrible details of his fatal crash more readily than his racing ability. He was one of the three drivers whose careers feature in David Tremayne’s excellent book “The Lost Generation”.

The campaign to build a memorial to him has received strong support from F1 fans in the UK – in a poll for the Denbighshire Free Press over three-quarters of people preferred to see a statue of Pryce built rather than one of another famous local.

F1Fanatic is, naturally, 100% behind the campaign to build a statue of Pryce.

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