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Ferrari’s subtle Marlboro branding (and F1 car) revealed 14th January 2007, 16:08

This is Ferrari’s 2007 Formula One challenger, the F2007. This is also Ferrari’s Marlboro-sponsored paint scheme. Cigarette advertising is banned as of this season, and so are graphics that are explicitly reminiscent of cigarette adverts, like the old ‘Bitten & Hisses’ logos on Benson & Hedges Jordans. The new Ferrari appears a conspicuously lighter shade […]

Big in America

David Beckham is off to play football in America, in deal that will make him USD $250m richer. No I haven’t gone mad and turned F1Fanatic into a football gossip column. This is interesting to F1 fans for two reasons: Firsit, the deal was set up by 19 Entertainment head Simon Fuller, who was hired […]

“Grand Prix Yesterday & Today” (Bruce Jones, 2006)

Coffee-table picture books about motor racing are ten a penny. So what makes this one special? As the title suggests the theme of the book is ‘then and now’, and each spread places two photographs from different periods side by side and compares the two. It’s a simply but effective approach that has produced an […]

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