Ferrari’s subtle Marlboro branding (and F1 car) revealed

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Ferrari F2007 launch, 6This is Ferrari’s 2007 Formula One challenger, the F2007.

This is also Ferrari’s Marlboro-sponsored paint scheme. Cigarette advertising is banned as of this season, and so are graphics that are explicitly reminiscent of cigarette adverts, like the old ‘Bitten & Hisses’ logos on Benson & Hedges Jordans.

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2006, 5The new Ferrari appears a conspicuously lighter shade of red than the 248 F1 of 2006 (see below) – harking back to a similar transition in 1996 when the team elected to paint the cars a less traditional but more TV- and sponsor-friendly hue.

But is it going to convince anyone that they’re not pushing Marlboro fags? When it’s next to the similar white-on-red Marlboro billboards still seen at some tracks (see image), I’m not sure.

That aside the car itself is also interesting technically – it is ten kilos heavier because of a heavily revised and, Ferrari claim, innovative front suspension system.

Ferrari F2007 launch Ferrari F2007 launch, 2 Ferrari F2007 launch, 3
Ferrari F2007 launch, 4 Ferrari F2007 launch, 5 Ferrari F2007 launch, 6

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