“Grand Prix Yesterday & Today” (Bruce Jones, 2006)

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"Grand Prix Yesterday & Today" (Bruce Jones, 2006)Coffee-table picture books about motor racing are ten a penny. So what makes this one special?

As the title suggests the theme of the book is ‘then and now’, and each spread places two photographs from different periods side by side and compares the two.

It’s a simply but effective approach that has produced an enjoyable book.

The images have been selected from the LAT motorsport archive and include some truly revealing and memorable pictures.

“Grand Prix Yesterday & Today” is refreshingly different from many other books in that it considers Grand Prix racing in its entirety – not just the famous drivers and the famous races – but the fans, the circuits, the mechanics, and everything else.

It touches on some of the great questions at the heart of the sport: like how attitudes to safety and death have changes, and the alterations that has imposed upon cars and circuits.

There is also a welcome light-heartedness in some of the pictures – such as the famous Hesketh team looking like a bunch of lads who’ve skived off school, and shots some of the more outrageous aerodynamic appendages that F1 cars have sprouted over the years.

Bruce Jones supplies short commentaries on each picture with the air of a museum curator, filling in the facts behind the scenes, but for the hardcore fan the images are good enough to speak for themselves.

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“Grand Prix Yesterday & Today” (Bruce Jones, 2006)

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

“Grand Prix Yesterday & Today” (Bruce Jones, 2006)

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