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“Formula One 1971: Great Scot!” (DVD) 15th January 2007, 21:33

The second of the Brunswick formula One season DVDs covers the year of Jackie Stewart’s second World Championship: 1971. These videos are real treats: full-colour footage of F1’s formative years. This particular season saw Jackie Stewart capture his second world title. 1971 was not a vintage season, but does that stop the DVD from being […]

Video: Top 50 F1 Passes – Part I

So, the arrival of aerodynamics killed racing did it? Not a bit of it. F1Fanatic counts down the 50 greatest overtaking moves of the last 30 years, featuring such past pass masters as Gilles Villeneuve, Nigel Mansell, Juan Pablo Montoya and many more. The first ten videos are below – check back over the next […]

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