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Changes to Barcelona for 2007 revealed 23rd January 2007, 19:31

This is the official diagram showing the changes made to the Barcelona circuit, home of the Spanish Grand Prix, for the 2007 race. The penultimate bend, Europcar, has been tightened to allow for the insertion of a chicane on the approach to New Holland. As mentioned earlier on F1Fanatic the changes have been made to […]

GPWC goes the way of Premier 1 GP

In 2006 the grinding tedium of the merciless political row between the FIA and the Grand Prix Manufacturers’ Association (GPMA) finally ended in a ceasefire. And not a moment too soon – the last thing we needed was another Indy ’05 or, much worse, the GPMA’s stated threat of a ‘Grand Prix World Championship’ breakaway […]

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