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The Ben Evans Columns – Drinking and driving 31st January 2007, 19:03

Ron Dennis has once again shown his warm and cuddly side by banning his drivers from drinking alcohol. I’ve heard rumours he is also considering stopping his drivers from watching TV and going to the cinema, lest it detract their minds from racing for even a single second. I can see the logic of Dennis’s […]

Is this the ugly face of future F1?

This image from Spanish F1 forum F1 Latam shows what Ferrari’s 2005 F1 car might look like with the controversial ‘Centreline Downwash Generating’ rear wing. Whether or not you’re convinced by the claims that the CDG wing would improve overtaking, I think we can all agree that it’s not a pretty solution. FIA President Max […]

Red tyre revolution

The first half-baked, half-assed shambles of a ruling for 2007 has got the F1 community chattering. Formula One will borrow the ‘Red Tyre Rule’ from Champ Car this year – albeit with one key difference that almost appears designed to make the whole thing as confusing and opaque as possible. For all this we have […]

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