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???7.8m 1939 Auto Union for sale 5th February 2007, 19:42

If the Michael Schumacher car sale we reported last week was a little contemporary for your taste, here’s a better way to blow your hard-earned millions. A 1939 Auto Union Type D that was driven by Tazio Nuvolari will be auctioned at Christie’s in Paris on February 17th. There is a good chance that it […]

That Top Gear Renault picture

Fans of BBC’s Top Gear will have noticed the penetrating, in-depth analysis of the new Renault R27 on the yesterday’s programme. For the unenlightened: Presenter Jeremy Clarkson poked fun at the Renault press office for this shot of their four F1 drivers around the new Renault Clio R27.

Official 2007 Spyker F8-VII pictures

Here are the first pictures of the Spyker that were revealed today. In its patriotically Dutch shade of bright orange it looks unmistakably similar to McLaren’s occasional testing livery (see below). Nine more pictures below…

Ten rare and amazing F1 videos

There are plenty of great F1 videos on Youtube. But one does get rather sick of endless slow-motion crash footage set to Linkin Park. You have to rummage around to find the best F1 videos – and here they are – ten rare F1 clips that aren’t stolen from race broadcasts and season review videos. […]

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