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Ignore the cynics: Honda’s ‘Green’ car is great 27th February 2007, 21:42

The reaction to Honda’s radical ‘Earth car’ was mixed: “The first ‘green’ F1 car,” proclaims the Daily Mirror. “It only does 5 miles per gallon and creates 138 tonnes of carbon,” “Honda fast-track the environment into Formula One but stand accused of ‘Greenwash’,” The Independent. One thing is certain – the green brigade aren’t keen […]

Vote for the best-looking 2007 F1 car

The class of 2007 are all up and running* and the grid has seen a lot of changes for this year. Honda and Renault have dramatic new colour schemes, Ferrari are trying to pretend they’re not sponsored by Marlboro, the Red Bulls and Toro Rossos look very similar to each other – and to the […]

F1 2007 Preview: Toyota

Which problem do you think angers Toyota’s management more: Their complete failure to deliver on the enormous investment pumped into the team for six years – or the fact that no-one cares? For Toyota are not only one of the least successful teams compared to the amount spent on their F1 campaign – they are […]

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