F1 in the blogs special: Honda’s green livery

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Honda RA107 livery launch, 1It seems that for every blogger singing the praises of Honda’s radical, sponsor-free environmentally-aware livery there’s another one decrying it at a cynical ploy of ‘greenwash’ marketing.

Here’s a sample of some of the most interesting reactions:

“Green is great”

“In a gas-guzzling, environmentally selfish sport, it’s fantastic to see a team breaking the boundaries of what is considered the norm” – M???laine

“What F1 fan wouldn’t want to see their name on an F1 car, even if it its microscopically small?” – F1 Blog

“Honda F1 goes Al Gore” – Brickwallviews

“I find it fascinating and rather cool” – Oregon Daily Emerald

“Good on Honda” – Adrian

“Get your microscopes ready and look for ‘SilverMac?????? on the new Honda RA107 F1 car’s front wing, or thereabouts.” SilverMac

“A fascinating twist on branding and advertising in sports” – Tomi T Ahonen

“This is nice” – Rocket Science Group

“Ugly car, cynical stunt”

“This is Greenwash to the extreme… Despite its cars doing little more than four miles to the gallon, the Honda Formula One team tried to trump their green credentials yesterday when they announced that their new cars will feature a huge image of the Earth” – Andy Rowell

“Good for them right? Sure, if you think that a fuel guzzling 3.1 mile per gallon racing car is a great way to promote enviornmental awareness.” – Logan

“A 2.4L V8 700+hp engine that consumes close to 75 liters of High Octane Fuel per 100Km, which is a grand fuel economy rate of 1.333KM/L, being used to tell people, ?????ǣHey! Take care of the planet! Don’t pollute! Use energy wisely! Don’t these people even think about what they’re trying to say?” – Ashwin

“It is tragic is what it is” – FerrariFan

“They’re all mouth and no trousers” – Fluteloop

“A team member said: ‘I think this signals a recognition that formula one has to change or it will wither on the vine and become extinct.’ Yes, but what about the inside of the car? Business as usual.” – Treehugger

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