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F1 in the blogs 23 31st March 2007, 9:00

My favourite find in the blogs this week had to be the blogger who went to the Australian Grand Prix and turned into an F1 fan. Plus, Formula 1 Lastest on the F1 calendar, Maurice Hamilton on Jenson Button, and more…

Traction control banned in F1 from 2008 30th March 2007, 17:00

Is this the best piece of F1 news this year? Traction control will be outlawed in F1 from next season as the FIA and manufacturers have agreed on standard engine control units. This is fantastic news for the sport – it plugs a gigantic hole in F1’s credibility and promises to present a greater challenge […]

F1 in the news 30

It’s great to see Clive James writing about F1 again – don’t miss his excellent piece on Lewis Hamilton in the week’s F1 in the News. Also the Turkish Grand Prix gets a Get out of Jail Free card but it looks like the French race is scuppered. Plus, India looks to hold a street […]

Banned! Turbos 29th March 2007, 12:00

For one example of an F1 engine technology that was dismissed at first, went through a difficult gestation, and then became ubiquitous, look no further than the turbo engines that defined F1 racing in the 1980s.

Debate: Do you collect autographs?

Rumours suggest Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen have upset their respective fan bases by not giving them enough face time. Now, I’m all in favour of drivers spending more time meeting their fans who, after all, have often paid substantial amounts to get to races in the first place. Racers in American series like Champ […]

The Ben Evans Column: Lessons from Moto GP 28th March 2007, 19:20

Over the weekend I found myself watching Bike/Moto GP highlights from the 1980’s, 1990’s and the latest race from Jerez, and I was impressed by just how effectively the brand and the series had been developed. Moto GP has learned some tough lessons over the past decade – and it’s high time F1 took a […]

F1 photograph art on exhibition

One of Andreas Gursky’s works recently fetched ???1.7m in London – the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction. Among Gursky’s other work is a series of elaborate studies of Formula One, some of which are currently on display to the public. F1 Boxenstopp (a series of four images) is among Gursky’s works currently on […]

Debate: Should Ferrari use team orders? 26th March 2007, 11:00

The use of team orders at Ferrari has been a source of conflict among F1 fans – some defend it, others deny it, many decry it. But with the departure of Michael Schumacher the question of which of its two drivers Ferrari is going to back is less clear cut. Should Ferrari revert to backing […]

Murray Walker – the full interview

Last month I had the opportunity to interview Murray Walker for Auto Trader. I met the legendary commentator at his home in Hampshire and conducted an interview which ran on the Auto Trader website. Here now is the full, unedited transcript of that interview with Murray’s answers quoted in their entirety.

A1 Grand Prix: Jarvis takes the first win for Britain 25th March 2007, 23:11

Team Great Britain finally broke their A1 Grand Prix duck as Oliver Jarvis gave the team its long-awaited first win in the series. Jarvis leapt into the lead from second on the grid as polesitter Alex Yoong bogged down badly in the team Malaysia car. The British team pitted at the first available opportunity while […]

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