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Shell drop London from ??2m Ferrari TV ad 1st March 2007, 18:50

Shell has dropped plans to drive a Ferrari F1 car through the streets of London as part of a major ??2m television advert. Filming for the advert was supposed to take place this month but the plans were squashed by the City of London Police and the Corporation of London on the grounds of “public […]

Send in your questions for Murray Walker

I’m going to be interviewing Formula 1 commentating legend Murray Walker for Autotrader.co.uk next week. We’re inviting questions from readers, so if you’ve got anything you want to ask Muzza, use the link below to send it in. I’ll be talking to him on Monday so make sure you get your questions in quickly. Look […]

Banned! Six-wheelers

Complete the following sentence: Formula 1 cars need more ______ . Power? Drag? Advertising space? No – F1 cars need more wheels. Six of them, to be precise. At least four different teams experimented with the idea within a few years of each other, and they succeeded in producing some of the most hideous F1 […]

F1 2007 Preview: Red Bull

It’s a big season for Red Bull. You can’t recruit the biggest-name car designer in F1, mate his creation to last season’s championship-winning engine, and not get results. Testing so far has suggested that the team are in for a difficult time to begin with, at least. But if they can get the car sorted […]

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