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2007 testing round-up 6 4th March 2007, 15:00

Fernando Alonso summed up the state of play as the last major test before the start of the season ended this week: “I think Ferrari is a little bit ahead of everybody – really quick and really consistent – and I think BMW, Renault, Williams, McLaren will be very close on timed laps.” Ferrari’s indeed […]

“The Little book of Grand Prix Legends” (Philip Raby, 2006)

For this weekend’s F1 book review, something a little lighter than usual. “The little book of Grand Prix Legends” is just over 100 pages on 30 of the biggest names of the sport. There’s no shortage of similar books along these lines, so what makes this one stand out from the crowd?

F1 2007 Preview: New best friends

It’s highly unusual to see three top drivers make high-profile moves from one season to the next, but that is exactly what’s happened this year: Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Mark Webber have all defected. Why did they jump ship? What lead them to the teams they chose? And, most importantly of all, what are […]

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