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F1Fanatic – New look, new content 6th March 2007, 22:33

In belated celebration of F1Fanatic’s second birthday we’ve gone the whole hog with a brand-spanking new redesign. Many thanks to GPS Gazette for the theme and Dreamfly for the customisation. Starting today we’re delighted to share with you some exciting new features including video, wallpapers and more.

F1 will get ‘red tyre rule’

After much debate the F1 governing body has finally agreed to ensure that the two different types of tyre compounds used at Grands Prix this year will be visibly different so spectators can distinguish between them. The new sporting regulations require every driver to use one set of the two different dry weather compounds available […]

The Old Rumour Mill – March

Ever hear the one about Michael Schumacher teaming up with Volkswagen to create a new F1 superteam for 2007? Or Ferrari entering the Indianapolis 500? And the oval track being built at Silverstone? Sadly they weren’t true – but these stories all made the headlines a few years ago. Here’s what was said.

F1 2007 Preview: Helmets

Time was when drivers would go throughout their career without changing their helmets. These days F1 racers seem to spend every moment they’re out of the cockpit dreaming up a new style, or finding some way of cramming more adverts on them. Home races, one-off sponsor deals, minor football tournaments – everything has been used […]

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