F1 will get ‘red tyre rule’

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Oriol Servia, Montreal, Champ Car, 2006After much debate the F1 governing body has finally agreed to ensure that the two different types of tyre compounds used at Grands Prix this year will be visibly different so spectators can distinguish between them.

The new sporting regulations require every driver to use one set of the two different dry weather compounds available at each round at least once during each race.

Where this rule is used in other series, such as Champ Car, the softer of the two compounds has a distinctive red sidewall so that anyone watching the race can tell whether a driver is on the softer or harder compound. It is thought the distinguishing feature to be used in F1 will be large white circles.

At first teams were opposed to the rule on the grounds that it would allow their rivals to deduce their tyre strategies. It has apparently taken several weeks to explain to them the rather obvious point that if everyone can see what tyres everyone else is using, no-one is disadvantaged more than anyone else.

Thankfully, common sense has finally prevailed.

Quick, someone take advantage of this rare outbreak of lucidity to get them to agree to dropping the qualifying ‘fuel burn’ phase and refuelling…

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