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FIA’s two-page Autosport ‘correction’ 12th March 2007, 23:21

Autosport has printed a substantial retraction of an earlier article following intervention from the FIA. Next to a feature on independent teams a small column titled, “The Max Factor” claimed FIA President Max Mosley’s stance on the issue of car manufacturers in the sport had “yo-yoed for the past five years.” (Autosport, February 8th 2007) […]

Ecclestone wants to change points system

Bernie Ecclestone’s musings have a habit of becoming law in a split-second, so you tend to take him seriously when he says something like this: To me, it should be all about winning. The driver who wins the most races in the season should be the world champion. It’s as simple as that. Second places […]

Debate: Most exciting thing about 2007

Radical changes are taking place in F1 this year – but what one thing are you looking forward to the most? Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren? Heikki Kovalainen in a Renualt? Or an Adrian Newey-designed Red Bull? Are the new safety car and tyre rules going to put some spice back into the racing? Or […]

F1 2007 Preview: Their last wins

Every F1 driver – even those at the back of the grid – has been successful. But some have tasted the sweet nectar of victory more recently than others. Felipe Massa is the driver who has won a major race most recently – 141 days ago. But who has been waiting nine and a half […]

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