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F1Fanatic on the ‘Green’ Honda RA107 13th March 2007, 19:22

Well I donated some cash and pledged to fit a few low-energy lightbulbs, and here’s what I got for my trouble (see picture). I have to admit that, although it’s quite cool, I was hoping for a something bit more impressive – perhaps a note of thanks at least, or some data on how many […]

Australian Grand Prix 2007 preview

What a tease! The first race of the year is by its very nature difficult to call because we have only the teams’ testing times to base our assumptions on. But what makes educated guessing even tougher is the uniqueness of the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne – quite unlike anything else on the calendar. […]

F1 2007 Preview: Place your bets

Fancy a flutter on the first race of the season? Or planning a punt on the championship winner at this early stage? Felipe Massa may have set tongues wagging with his fast testing times but the bookies are unmoved – ranking his new team mate Kimi Raikkonen as favourite to win both the opening round […]

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