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Kazuki Nakajima, Williams-Toyota, Melbourne, 2007Formula 1 2007 is go and as the new season gets underway there’s the predictable rush of speculation and argument.

Are the new tyre rules dumbing down the sport? What if the ‘B’ teams beat the ‘A’ teams? And what about that problematic points system? Catch up on the latest in the F1 blogs.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Montagny proves F1 aces among fittest in sport – It’s always fascinating to read about the athleticism of F1 drivers being tested, because conventional ‘man down the pub’ wisdom tells us that racing cars is a lot easier than playing football. As this story proves, that isn’t necessarily so at all – and the reverse might even be true.

More F1 in the blogs

Sidewalls And The Dumbing Down Of F1 – More backlash against the new tyre rules – Qwerty at Motor Racing Journal is seriously unimpressed.

F1 vs NASCAR: An unfair comparison – Sticking with the argument theme, some trenchant thoughts on the relative merits of Formula 1 and NASCAR.

Bernie in ‘talks sense’ shocker – Ecclestone’s desire to see the points system fixed (as in ‘repaired’) is well received.

What If Williams Beat Toyota, and Aguri Beat Honda? – Another fascinating talking point. Could Super Aguri’s evolutionary car put one over the more radical and troublesome Honda RA107?

Formula 1 teams and drivers – A thorough look at the new starting line-up.

Honda F1: Jenson Button’s ‘Earth Car’ will feature Another Chance To See pixel! – Another blogger gets his name on the Honda ‘Earth Car’.

Mike Conway Joins Honda Racing F1 Team – This was covered in yesterday’s F1 in the news – but check out the cracking ‘photo accompanying the story.

F1, A beginners’ guide – the cars – On the off chance that anyone reading this is new to the whole Formula 1 thing, this is what you need.

F1: can five become 20? – And finally… a word for The Fat Blog, who are short on numbers for their F1 game. Why not give it a try?

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