The ‘backwards’ Indianapolis configuration revealed

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Revised Indianapolis layoutThis is the planned revised configuration for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course that Formula 1 may visit in the near future.

Among the changes the F1 cars will race the circuit in the opposite direction to present use. This would mean them circulating anti-clockwise, as the cars in the annual Indianapolis 500 do on the full oval circuit.

Although the tweaked layout would scrap the highly criticised double hairpin in the infield, it would also end the use of the banked final corner, ‘turn 13’, which was at the centre of the controversial 2005 race that saw only six drivers compete. This is because the circuit is to be used for Moto GP races and motorcycle riders cannot run on the banked turn.

It’s also questionable whether the changed layout would prove quite as conducive to overtaking as the current configuration does. But would it be enough to guarantee F1’s future in the United States for the foreseeable future?

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