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Video: Shell & Ferrari’s ??2m F1 TV advert 22nd March 2007, 23:23

Here is the full video of Shell’s fantastic two minute long Ferrari F1 advert, “The Circuit”. It features six decades of Ferrari Formula 1 cars blasting through Rome, New York, Monte Carlo, Rio de Janeiro and more:

Banned! Four wheel steering

Of all the exotic technologies to be banned from Formula 1 through the years, four wheel steering could perhaps be the only innovation to have been developed after it was outlawed. The FIA made clear early in 1993 that ‘driver aids’ would be banned for 1994. A range of technologies were included in that all-encompassing […]

Debate: Your verdict on Max Mosley

On 9th October 1991 Max Mosley defeated incumbent FIA President Jean Marie Balestre by 43 votes to 29. In the 16 years that have passed with Mosley at the helm the sport has changed dramatically in character. But has it changed for the better? Has Formula 1 been efficiently and professionally managed under Mosley’s stewardship? […]

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